Issue 12.2: Storytelling Across Generations

12.2 Fullsize Cover

What’s in this issue?
  • Ben Gorodetsky and Todd Houseman share travel logs and reflections from a research trip
  • Menka Nagrani reflects on a process of contemporizing traditional Quebecois art forms on the modern stage to revive lost Quebecois identity.
  • Louise Forsyth reviews History, Memory, Performance, edited by David Dean, Yana Meerzon and Kathryn Prince.


Louise Forsyth, Ben Gorodetsky, Todd Houseman, Jamil Khoury, Matt Miwa, Stefano Muneroni, Menka Nagrani, Darrah Teitel, Sarah Woolf.

Cover Photo

© Andrew Paul. Ben Gorodetsky and Tood Housemann as the intercultural improv duo, Folk Lordz.

From the issue

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