Issue 12.4: Community Arts and (De)Colonization: Part Two


“This issue is the second in’s two part-project, “Community Arts and “(De) Colonization”. In these issues, we are exploring questions and themes coming out of Train of Thought, the national travelling community arts project that took place in May and June 2015.”


– Nikki Shaffeeullah, Editor-in-Chief

Train of Thought was an evolving community arts journey exploring collaborations and alliances between First Nations and settler/immigrant artists and communities, produced by Jumblies Theatre and over 90 other partners in 2015.


Columpa Bobb, Sid Bobb, Liam Coo, Penny Couche, Sam Egan, Iehente Foote, Damara Jacobs-Morris, Ange Loft, Lee Maracle, Eliza Knockwood, Bruce Sinclair, Annie Smith, Savannah Walling.

Cover Photo

© Liam Coo. Julia Hune-Brown and other artists travelling on Train of Thought perform a series created during a workshop of Talking Treaties—a multi-year arts project exploring Toronto treaty history—at Jumblies Theatre’s studio the Ground Floor in June 2015.


© Aaron Leon. Comlumpa Bobb performs How Raven Stole the Sun at the Youth Community Centre on Avenue One, during the Train of Thought stop in saskwaton/Saskatoon.

From the issue

Volume 13 is up next! Get a teaser of what’s to come.

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