Announcing Our 2016-17 Editorial Year!

Hernandez 3We’re only a few weeks away from releasing the first issue in our 2016-17 editorial year (Volume 13—p.s, have you subscribed?) The first issue, 13.1, will be a very special issue for magazine, as it’s the first issue compiled by our new Editorial Team.

Says our new Editor-in-Chief Michelle MacArthur:

“The articles featured in 13.1 reflect alt’s mission of mapping meeting points between art and activism. A key question across the issue is how theatre and performance (and our understanding of these terms) must change in order to support equity and diversity, on stage and off.”

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come in 13.1 as well as the rest of Volume 13:    

In 13.1
  • Contributions from Catherine Hernandez (a queer woman of colour, twice-published playwright, performer and children’s book author) and Cole Alvis (the Metis-Irish Executive Director of the Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance)
  • An open letter by John Kim Bell about his process of creating and producing In the Land of Spirits—the first and only major Aboriginal ballet mounted by and with First Nations participating at all levels of production, which premiered at the National Arts Centre in 1988.


Coming up in 2016-17
  • Online theatre reviews of culturally diverse theatre across the country.
  • New series curated by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard on behalf of the ADHOC Assembly (Artists Driving Holistic Organizational Change), a national advocacy organization dedicated to the sustained forward movement of ethno-cultural and socially diverse performance works, processes and traditions.
  • An article by Sky Gilbert, exploring the implications of understanding gender as fiction. In this article, Gilbert traces contemporary theorizations of gender identity alongside the current backlash against fiction, and argues that fiction might provide a useful framework to conceive of gender identity.

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(At the top of this post) © Alex Felipe. Catherine Hernandez during Operation Lifeboat.

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