Volume 12: Who Made It Happen?

“I continue to believe in the importance of this journal… projects like alt.theatre persist as indispensable sites for centering—and celebrating—people, communities, experiences, and stories that have been for so long relegated to the margins.”

Editor-in-Chief, Nikki Shaffeeullah

As our current publishing year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the issues in Volume 12. alt.theatre had many talented, observant, courageous, and generous contributors continue our mission of thoughtful dialogue on politics, cultural diversity, and social activism in the performing arts.

Here are some of the highlights we’re proud of from Volume 12:

FINAL infographic - Volume 12 by the numbers

Volume 12 also included a special focus on the questions and themes emerging from Train of Thought, a national travelling community arts project that took place in May and June 2015. The following contributors covered topics including community arts, decolonization, settlers and immigrants, storytelling, ancestry, and art and the environment in Volumes 12.3 and 12.4:

Authors in Volume 12.1 and 12.2 tackled themes that included “otherness”, performance pedagogy, representation, mass media, intergenerational legacies, Japanese-Canadian identity, and cultural self-destruction. These contributors included: Özgül Akinci, Ruth Bieber, Simon Bloom, Matt Jones, Shelley Liebembuk, Ange Loft, Ursula Neuerburg-Denzer, Louise Forsyth, Ben Gorodetsky, Todd Houseman, Jamil Khoury, Matt Miwa, Stefano Muneroni, Menka Nagrani, Darrah Teitel, and Sarah Woolf.

Thank You!


Particularly, alt.theatre would like to thank Nikki Shaffeeullah, the Editwww.purplecanvasphotography.com by Alishbaor-in-Chief of alt.theatre since 2012 who finished her time with us this spring. Thank you Nikki, for continuing to establish alt.theatre as a leader in the discourse of cultural diversity and the stage.

Nikki’s Photo: © Alishba, Purple Canvas Photography

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