Issue 13.1: Between Art and Activism


What’s in this issue?
  • The International Federation for Theatre Research‘s “Queer Futures” working group responds to the shooting in an LGBTQI nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, which cost 49 queer people their lives.
  • John Kim Bell shares his own difficult journey as an Aboriginal artist in his letter urging Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission to enable Aboriginal self-determination and build capacity within the Indigenous community.
  • Sky Gilbert endeavours to resolve the transgender theory debate through the notion of fiction’s potential for limitless self-creation.
  • Catherine Hernandez attempts to decolonize theatre, one question at a time.
  • Cole Alvis reflects on artists’ and audiences’ responsibility in understanding the histories and treaties of the land on which we stand.
  • Gail Nyoka on the tenth Women Playwright’s International Conference.
  • Book Review: Kerry McElroy reviews Like a Natural Woman: Spectacular Female Performance in Classical Hollywood.


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Michelle MacArthur (Editor-in-Chief), Sarah Waisvisz (Reviews Editor), Aaron Franks (Features Editor).


Cole Alvis, John Kim Bell, Sky Gilbert, Catherine Hernandez, Kerry McElroy, Gail Nyoka and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard.

Cover Photo

© Alex Felipe. Catherine Hernandez in Operation Lifeboat, an online performance involving 45 artists worldwide raising funds and awareness about the devastating flooding in the Philippines in September 2012.

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