Digital Issue 13.2

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  • Sherry Bie and Jill Carter draw on Indigenous practices in their musing on the act of “midwifing” stories through the re-worlding process of recover, mourning, dreaming, commitment, and action.
  • Makram (Matt) Ayache and Franco Saccucci reflect on the genesis of In Arms Queer Theatre Company (In Arms Theatre Collective) in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Jenna Rodgers reflects on the challenges of moving from emerging to established artist as a woman of colour in Canada.
  • lee williams boudakianLaine Zisman Newman, and Anoushka Ratnarajah on the Q2Q Symposium in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Thom Bryce McQuinn reviews Compulsive Acts: Essays, Interviews, Reflections on the Works of Sky Gilbert, edited by David Bateman.

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