Issue 13.3

What’s in this issue?
  • Editorial – The Feminist Killjoy Goes to the Theatre by Michelle MacArthur
  • Aaron Franks talks to Ayumi Goto and Peter Morin about the roots of their creative relationship and finding new visual and performance languages to witness truths and contribute beyond reconciliation.  
  • Sarah Waisvisz shares the performance text of her one-woman play, which premiered at the undercurrents festival in Ottawa, Canada in 2016.
  • DM St-Bernard concludes the three-part Principles Office series with a reflection on the constant of change, the occupation of space, and the active force of standing still.
  • Rebecca Benson and Tracey Guptill are interviewed by their alter-egos Pinkhead and Smoosh about their Pussy Riot-inspired show, featured in the Kick and Push festival in Kingston, Ontario last summer.
  • and more!

This issue of includes several feminist killjoys. Among them, Sarah Waisvisz, our Reviews Editor but also a talented theatre maker and performer, shares the script for her one-woman show Monstrous, which looks at the intersections of gender, race, and culture; Rebecca Benson and Tracey Guptill discuss their work bringing the feminist punk group Pussy Riot to Kingston, Ontario; and DM St. Bernard concludes her excellent Principles Office series with a reflection on what it means to purposefully claim space.

Michelle MacArthur, Editor-in-Chief

For magazine

Michelle MacArthur (Editor-in-Chief), Sarah Waisvisz (Reviews Editor), Aaron Franks (Features Editor).


Sarah Waisvisz, DM St. Bernard, Rebecca Benson, Tracey Guptill, Lisa Jeans, Emer O’Toole

Cover Photo

© Christopher Snow. Sarah Waisvisz in Monstrous at the undercurrents festival, 2016.

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