Month: December 2017

14.1 Bonus Feature: Preeti Dhaliwal reads her poem “Re-embodying Jurisprudence”

In her contribution to 14.1, Preeti Dhaliwal uses theatre, poetry, and performative writing to explore how law lives in the body and how we embody law. Because “Re-embodying Jurisprudence” brings together theory and artistic practice in such a… Read More

Editorial: Protest and Performance

by Michelle MacArthur “I see what he’s done as art. I believe that art is seeing the world that doesn’t exist. A lot of people excel at creativity—making TV, movies, painting, writing books—but you can be an artist… Read More

Issue 14.1

What’s in this issue? Editorial – Protest and Performance by Michelle MacArthur Mariel Belanger travels through time Lina de Guevara creates dialogue between immigrant communities and the police Preeti Dhaliwal re-embodies jurisprudence Priya Nair checks into The Refugee Hotel Joyce Boro and Fiona… Read More

REVIEW: Pawâkan Macbeth’s Call for Reconciliation Spans Time, Language, and Place

Edmonton, Alberta Connor Meeker reviews Pawâkan Macbeth: A Cree Tragedy, a co-production between Akpik Theatre and Theatre Prospero of Reneltta Arluk’s adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedy: Adapting one of the Bard’s swiftest and punchiest plays, Theatre Prospero and Akpik Theatre’s… Read More

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