For nearly twenty years, alt.theatre: cultural diversity and the stage has provided a forum for artists, activists, academics and others interested in issues of cultural diversity.

alt.theatre was founded in 1998 by Teesri Duniya Theatre and is published three times a year. We are Canada's only professional journal examining the intersections between politics, cultural plurality, social activism, and the stage—but our outlook is global.

In each copy, you will find:
  • Articles by emerging and high-profile academics and culturally diverse artists
  • Profiles of artists, companies, and current practices
  • Insight into the growing field of community-engaged art
  • Critical reviews of books, plays, and productions
  • Comparative analyses of national and international influences and approaches to cultural diversity + the arts
  • Artwork, photography, comics
  • … and more!


Our dedicated national and international readers include:
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Artists and arts organizations
  • Community workers and community organizations
  • Activists
  • Theatre/dance/performance artists, directors and Artistic Directors
  • Professors and students in the areas of indigenous, diversity, and gender studies, political science and public affairs, theatre, dance, performing arts, arts, art therapy, sociology, social sciences
  • … and more!

“If we starve artists and starve students, we starve society.”

Issue 12. 1, 2015

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