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Volume 14, Issue 1

"This issue of alt.theatre: cultural diversity and the stage features several articles that look at the power enacted by the state on marginalized bodies, and how performance offers spaces to resist and challenge these systemic acts of oppression.." --Michelle MacArthur, Editor-in-Chief 

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Issue 14.1

Issue 13.3

Issue 13.2: Back to School

Issue 13.1: Between Art + Activism

Issue 12.4: Community Arts and (De)colonization Part Two

Issue 12.3: Community Arts and (De)colonization Part One

Issue 12.2: Storytelling Across Generations

Issue 12.1: Starving Artists, Global Empathy, Radical Performance Pedagogy

Issue 11.4: Biculturalism and Blackface

Issue 11.3: (Dis)ability, Diversity and Performance

Issue 11.2: Occupation, Reconciliation and Social Impact

Issue 11.1: Community, Engagement, Theatre

Issue 10.4: What's Reasonable?

Issue 10.3: Gender and Theatre at the Margins

Issue 10.2: (De)colonization and Collaboration: Toolkits for Change

Issue 10.1: Cultural Narratives in Theatre

Issue 9.4: How We Talk About Cultural Diversity in Theatre

Issue 9.3: The Bits That Don't Quite Fit!

Issue 9.2: Oral History and Performance Part Two

Issue 9.1: Oral History and Performance Part One

Issue 8.4: Performing Communities, Social Movements and Play Development

Issue 8.3: Transcultural Cross-Dressing, The Modernist Legacy and Consolation

Issue 8.2: With a Vengeance

Issue 8.1: Accountability, Pluralism, Universality and Difference

Issue 7.4: Canada's Theatre of War

Issue 7.3: When Politics Gets Personal

Issue 7.2: Political and Emotional Theatre

Issue 7.1: Building a Theatre Without Walls

Issue 6.4: Are We There Yet?

Issue 6.3: Iconoclastic Imperative

Issue 6.2: Cultural Mediation

Issue 6.1: Potential Impact

Issue 5.4: Contrary to Public Policy

Issue 5.3: Perspective

Issue 5.2: Habitual Thought in a Theatre of Intervention

Issue 5.1: Theatre and Human Rights

Issue 4.4: Academia and Cultural Diversity

Issue 4.23: The State and the Disclosure

Issue 4.1: Ethics and Aesthetics

Issue 3.4: Art and Social Action

Issue 3.3: Theatre and Public Response

Issue 3.2: Popular Theatre: Mainstream vs. Independent Territory

Issue 3.1: Political Theatre/Populist Theatre

Issue 2.4: Aesthetics and Representation

Issue 2.3: Raising Other Voices in the Theatre of the Giant

Issue 2.2: Article for Peace

Issue 2.1: Turning a Theatre Project into a Community Event

Issue 1.4: To What End? Striving to be Obsolete or Struggling to Stay Significant

Issue 1.3: Casting, Language and Representation

Issue 1.2: Culture, Change and the Community

Issue 1.1: Welcome to alt.theatre

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