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Volume 13, Issue 3

"This issue of alt.theatre includes several feminist killjoys. Among them, Sarah Waisvisz, our Reviews Editor but also a talented theatre maker and performer, shares the script for her one-woman show Monstrous, which looks at the intersections of gender, race, and culture; Rebecca Benson and Tracey Guptill discuss their work bringing the feminist punk group Pussy Riot to Kingston, Ontario; and DM St. Bernard concludes her excellent Principles Office series with a reflection on what it means to purposefully claim space." --Michelle MacArthur, Editor-in-Chief 

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Issue 13.3

Issue 13.2: Back to School

Issue 13.1: Between Art + Activism

Issue 12.4: Community Arts and (De)colonization Part Two

Issue 12.3: Community Arts and (De)colonization Part One

Issue 12.2: Storytelling Across Generations

Issue 12.1: Starving Artists, Global Empathy, Radical Performance Pedagogy

Issue 11.4: Biculturalism and Blackface

Issue 11.3: (Dis)ability, Diversity and Performance

Issue 11.2: Occupation, Reconciliation and Social Impact

Issue 11.1: Community, Engagement, Theatre

Issue 10.4: What's Reasonable?

Issue 10.3: Gender and Theatre at the Margins

Issue 10.2: (De)colonization and Collaboration: Toolkits for Change

Issue 10.1: Cultural Narratives in Theatre

Issue 9.4: How We Talk About Cultural Diversity in Theatre

Issue 9.3: The Bits That Don't Quite Fit!

Issue 9.2: Oral History and Performance Part Two

Issue 9.1: Oral History and Performance Part One

Issue 8.4: Performing Communities, Social Movements and Play Development

Issue 8.3: Transcultural Cross-Dressing, The Modernist Legacy and Consolation

Issue 8.2: With a Vengeance

Issue 8.1: Accountability, Pluralism, Universality and Difference

Issue 7.4: Canada's Theatre of War

Issue 7.3: When Politics Gets Personal

Issue 7.2: Political and Emotional Theatre

Issue 7.1: Building a Theatre Without Walls

Issue 6.4: Are We There Yet?

Issue 6.3: Iconoclastic Imperative

Issue 6.2: Cultural Mediation

Issue 6.1: Potential Impact

Issue 5.4: Contrary to Public Policy

Issue 5.3: Perspective

Issue 5.2: Habitual Thought in a Theatre of Intervention

Issue 5.1: Theatre and Human Rights

Issue 4.4: Academia and Cultural Diversity

Issue 4.23: The State and the Disclosure

Issue 4.1: Ethics and Aesthetics

Issue 3.4: Art and Social Action

Issue 3.3: Theatre and Public Response

Issue 3.2: Popular Theatre: Mainstream vs. Independent Territory

Issue 3.1: Political Theatre/Populist Theatre

Issue 2.4: Aesthetics and Representation

Issue 2.3: Raising Other Voices in the Theatre of the Giant

Issue 2.2: Article for Peace

Issue 2.1: Turning a Theatre Project into a Community Event

Issue 1.4: To What End? Striving to be Obsolete or Struggling to Stay Significant

Issue 1.3: Casting, Language and Representation

Issue 1.2: Culture, Change and the Community

Issue 1.1: Welcome to alt.theatre

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