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Issue 13.2: Back to School

What’s in this issue? Sherry Bie and Jill Carter draw on Indigenous practices in their musing on the act of “midwifing” stories through the re-worlding process of recover, mourning, dreaming, commitment, and action. Makram (Matt) Ayache and Franco Saccucci reflect on… Read More

Community Arts and (De)colonization

by Nikki Shaffeeullah Early in 2015, as I was slowly making a move from Edmonton back to my home city of Toronto, my friend and collaborator Bruce Sinclair phoned me with an encouragement: “you need to get on… Read More

Issue 10.4: What’s Reasonable? 2013

Volume 10, Issue 4: Summer 2013 Articles in this issue include: Christine Comeau speaks with Suzanne Lebeau about her playwrighting journey, Rosemary Georgeson and Savannah Walling dialogue on their experience in artistic collaboration with First Nations communities, Jay Whitehead of… Read More

Issue 6.3: The Iconoclastic Imperative 2009

Volume 6, Issue 3: March 2009 Articles in this issue include: Louise Forsyth examines the 1976 Quebec play La nef des sorcières, Jennifer Capraru looks at the potential healing power of creative energy, Michelle MacArthur analyzes the role of… Read More

Issue 5.1: Theatre and Human Rights 2007

Volume 5, Issue 1: February 2007 Articles in this issue include: Edward Little contemplates lessons learned while training in Indian Street Theatre, Rebecca Burton summarizes the disheartening findings of  “Equity in Canadian Theatre: The Women’s Initiative”, and Glen Nichols… Read More

Issue 1.4: To What End? Striving to be Obsolete, or Struggling to Stay Significant 2000

Volume 1, Issue 4: October 2000 Articles in this issue include: Russell Krackovitch addresses the distinction between ultimate goals and ongoing mission statements of initiatives like alt.theatre and Rahul Varma outlines the obstacles facing many moves towards equality and… Read More

Issue 1.3: Casting, Language and Representation 1999

Volume 1, Issue 3: June 1999 Articles in this issue include: Russell Krackovitch proposes a common terminology in the struggle for cultural diversity in Canadian theatre, Jane Needles writes about breaking the barriers of traditional casting to highlight Canadian… Read More

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