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Issue 14.1

What’s in this issue? Editorial – Protest and Performance by Michelle MacArthur Mariel Belanger travels through time Lina de Guevara creates dialogue between immigrant communities and the police Preeti Dhaliwal re-embodies jurisprudence Priya Nair checks into The Refugee Hotel Joyce Boro and Fiona… Read More

Issue 9.2: Oral History and Performance, Part 2 2011

Volume 9, Issue 2: December 2011 Articles in this issue include: Part two of a special expanded issue focusing on oral history and performance. Articles examine relationships between history, memory, trauma and theatre as an agent for healing and social… Read More

Issue 6.3: The Iconoclastic Imperative 2009

Volume 6, Issue 3: March 2009 Articles in this issue include: Louise Forsyth examines the 1976 Quebec play La nef des sorcières, Jennifer Capraru looks at the potential healing power of creative energy, Michelle MacArthur analyzes the role of… Read More

Issue 4.1: Ethics and Aesthetics 2006

Volume 4, Issue 1: January 2006 “A concern with the implications of aesthetic choices within both a revolutionary consciousness and a culture of creativity is echoed by all the writers in this issue of alt.theatre. Each describes artists… Read More

Issue 2.2: Article for Peace 2002

Volume 2, Issue 2: June 2002 Articles in this issue include: Glen Nichols on the media portrayal of Acadian culture, Andrea Wilson reviews Rahul Varma’s Bhopal, Professor Forsythe of Brandon University’s Drama Program documents the inaugural Native Performance Culture… Read More

Issue 2.1: Turning a Theatre Project into a Community Event 2001

Volume 2, Issue 1: June 2001 “Three of the articles in this issue deal with projects that aimed to turn a theatre event into a community project. David Fancy of the MarshFire People’s Theatre Company tells us about… Read More

Issue 1.4: To What End? Striving to be Obsolete, or Struggling to Stay Significant 2000

Volume 1, Issue 4: October 2000 Articles in this issue include: Russell Krackovitch addresses the distinction between ultimate goals and ongoing mission statements of initiatives like alt.theatre and Rahul Varma outlines the obstacles facing many moves towards equality and… Read More

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