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Issue 11.4: Biculturalism and Blackface

Volume 11, Issue 4: March 2015 Articles in this issue include: Jane Heather and Tony Hall related Trinidadian Carnival to popular theatre, decolonization, and freedom, Allison Leadley explores how Toronto artist jes sache’s work challenges negative preconceptions surrounding the disabled… Read More

Issue 10.4: What’s Reasonable? 2013

Volume 10, Issue 4: Summer 2013 Articles in this issue include: Christine Comeau speaks with Suzanne Lebeau about her playwrighting journey, Rosemary Georgeson and Savannah Walling dialogue on their experience in artistic collaboration with First Nations communities, Jay Whitehead of… Read More

Issue 9.3: The Bits That Don’t Quite Fit! 2012

Volume 9, Issue 3: March 2012 Articles in this issue include: Editorial of Editor-in-Chief Edward Little, The Bits that Don’t Quite Fit, Seth Soulstein on using the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots as a staring point to explore how both individuals… Read More

Issue 8.2: With a Vengeance 2010

Volume 8, Issue 2: December 2010 Articles in this issue include: Selena Couture muses on the power of framing, Isabelle Zufferey Boulton interviews Jean-Marc Dalpe about his French adaptation of Tomson Highway’s Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, Marcia… Read More

Issue 6.1: Potential Impact 2008

Volume 6, Issue 1: September 2008 Marking the 10th Anniversary of alt.theatre! Articles in this issue include: Susan Knutson describes the powerful effects of The Steveston Noh Project, artists talk with Ric Knowles about the challenges facing inter/intra/trans-cultural… Read More

Issue 2.4: Aesthetics and Representation 2003

Volume 2, Issue 4: June 2003 “The writers in this issue of alt.theatre are all concerned with ways in which relationships between aesthetics and representation are directly implicated in agendas of either colonization or decolonization.” -Editor-in-Chief, Edward Little… Read More

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