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14.1 Bonus Feature: Preeti Dhaliwal reads her poem “Re-embodying Jurisprudence”

In her contribution to alt.theatre 14.1, Preeti Dhaliwal uses theatre, poetry, and performative writing to explore how law lives in the body and how we embody law. Because “Re-embodying Jurisprudence” brings together theory and artistic practice in such a… Read More

Issue 11.2: Occupation, Reconciliation and Social Impact

Volume 11, Issue 2: Winter 2014 Articles in this issue include: Will Weigler shares stories of Victoria’s From the Heart – a community-based immersion theatre project that facilitated creative space for self-decolonization, Diane Conrad shares her experience at the Corporations in… Read More

Issue 9.3: The Bits That Don’t Quite Fit! 2012

Volume 9, Issue 3: March 2012 Articles in this issue include: Editorial of Editor-in-Chief Edward Little, The Bits that Don’t Quite Fit, Seth Soulstein on using the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots as a staring point to explore how both individuals… Read More

Issue 9.2: Oral History and Performance, Part 2 2011

Volume 9, Issue 2: December 2011 Articles in this issue include: Part two of a special expanded issue focusing on oral history and performance. Articles examine relationships between history, memory, trauma and theatre as an agent for healing and social… Read More

Issue 4.4: Academia and Cultural Diversity 2006

Volume 4, Issue 4: November 2006 “This issue’s contributors are all involved with Canadian universities in capacities ranging from graduate students to teachers. Their research and creative activity call attention to the state of the relationship between academia… Read More

Issue 3.3: Theatre and Public Response 2004

Volume 3, Issue 3: December 2004 “Theatre can engender solidarity, pleasure, lightness of being, anger, and outrage — as well as commitment and meaningful participation. It can challenge us to examine our complicity in hegemony.” -Editor-in-Chief, Edward Little, Editorial:… Read More

Issue 3.2: Popular Theatre: Mainstream versus Independent Territory 2004

Volume 3, Issue 2: April 2004 Articles in this issue include: Julie Salverson advocates the essential role of art and artists in making sense of the present and imagining the future. James Forsythe examines his encounter with the paradox… Read More

Issue 2.4: Aesthetics and Representation 2003

Volume 2, Issue 4: June 2003 “The writers in this issue of alt.theatre are all concerned with ways in which relationships between aesthetics and representation are directly implicated in agendas of either colonization or decolonization.” -Editor-in-Chief, Edward Little… Read More

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