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Biculturalism and Blackface

By Nikki Shaffeeullah The year 2015 began with the English-speaking media coming together to call for an end to racism in theatre. Well, to be precise, newspapers, critics, artists, and writers across the country turned their attention to… Read More

What’s Reasonable?

By Nikki Shaffeelluah “No one can find themselves in that society.” Quebec Premier Pauline Marois, quoted above in the Montreal Gazette (“Charter”), is referring to England. She seems to believe that when demographically plural societies have intentional multicultural… Read More

Issue 9.2: Oral History and Performance, Part 2 2011

Volume 9, Issue 2: December 2011 Articles in this issue include: Part two of a special expanded issue focusing on oral history and performance. Articles examine relationships between history, memory, trauma and theatre as an agent for healing and social… Read More

Issue 7.3: When Politics Gets Personal 2010

Volume 7, Issue 3: March 2010 Articles in this issue include: a Guest Editorial by Rahul Varma, Martin Faucher on the current Canadian government’s policies on the arts, Karis Shearer on Andre Brassard’s Montreal, French-language production of Tomson Highway’s… Read More

Issue 4.1: Ethics and Aesthetics 2006

Volume 4, Issue 1: January 2006 “A concern with the implications of aesthetic choices within both a revolutionary consciousness and a culture of creativity is echoed by all the writers in this issue of alt.theatre. Each describes artists… Read More

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