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Volume 12: Who Made It Happen?

“I continue to believe in the importance of this journal… projects like alt.theatre persist as indispensable sites for centering—and celebrating—people, communities, experiences, and stories that have been for so long relegated to the margins.” – Editor-in-Chief, Nikki Shaffeeullah… Read More

Issue 12.3: Community Arts and (De)Colonization: Part One

“The unanswered questions, ongoing conversations, evolving relationships, and other conflicts that inspired and were inspired by Train of Thought all resonate with urgency, and are all deeply relevant to alt.theatre’s focus on the intersections of politics, cultural diversity,… Read More

Issue 8.4: Performing Communities, Social Movements and Play Development 2011

Volume 8, Issue 4: June 2011 Articles in this issue include: Jeannine M. Pitas explores the powerful and socially conscious alternative theatre emerging from Toronto’s rapidly growing Hispanic community, Catherine Graham follows the role of activist artists from Canada’s early alternative theatre,… Read More

Issue 7.3: When Politics Gets Personal 2010

Volume 7, Issue 3: March 2010 Articles in this issue include: a Guest Editorial by Rahul Varma, Martin Faucher on the current Canadian government’s policies on the arts, Karis Shearer on Andre Brassard’s Montreal, French-language production of Tomson Highway’s… Read More

Issue 2.2: Article for Peace 2002

Volume 2, Issue 2: June 2002 Articles in this issue include: Glen Nichols on the media portrayal of Acadian culture, Andrea Wilson reviews Rahul Varma’s Bhopal, Professor Forsythe of Brandon University’s Drama Program documents the inaugural Native Performance Culture… Read More

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