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Editorial: The Feminist Killjoy Goes to the Theatre

by Michelle MacArthur “What is the power of anger, I wondered? What can come of it?” -Editor-in-Chief, Michelle MacArthur After the American election, I, like many others, experienced a flare-up of feminist rage. This was not my usual… Read More

Editorial: Back to School

by Michelle MacArthur “If we do not prioritize racialized students—and Indigenous students, and LGBTQ students, and women students—then we perpetuate the status quo in our post-secondary institutions and in Canadian theatre more broadly.” -Michelle MacArthur, Issue 13.2 Three… Read More

Reality Checks and Balances

by Michelle MacArthur “Ask yourself: Are you just a cog in this machine, or are you ready for actual change?” -Catherine Hernandez, Issue 13.1 In late January 2016, Toronto’s Canadian Stage Company announced its 2016-17 season, which the… Read More

Meet Our New Editors: Michelle MacArthur, Sarah Waisvisz & Aaron Franks

There’s a new Editorial Team for alt.theatre magazine! We’re proud to present our new Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors. All three bring a unique perspective to cultural diversity and the stage. Let us introduce: Michelle MacArthur, Editor-in-Chief Based out… Read More

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