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Issue 13.2: Back to School

What’s in this issue? Sherry Bie and Jill Carter draw on Indigenous practices in their musing on the act of “midwifing” stories through the re-worlding process of recover, mourning, dreaming, commitment, and action. Makram (Matt) Ayache and Franco Saccucci reflect on… Read More

Issue 13.1: Between Art and Activism

What’s in this issue? The International Federation for Theatre Research‘s “Queer Futures” working group responds to the shooting in an LGBTQI nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, which cost 49 queer people their lives. John Kim Bell shares… Read More

Announcing Our 2016-17 Editorial Year!

We’re only a few weeks away from releasing the first issue in our 2016-17 editorial year (Volume 13—p.s, have you subscribed?) The first issue, 13.1, will be a very special issue for alt.theatre magazine, as it’s the first issue… Read More

Issue 3.4: Art and Social Action 2005

Volume 3, Issue 4: March 2005 “The writers in this issue are all concerned with art’s role in furthering public discourse around diversity. They write about consciousness-raising and demystification, social justice and resistance, censorship and self-censorship. They also… Read More

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