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REVIEW: Circadia Indigena’s Greed/REsolve Assaults the Senses

Vancouver, British Columbia Annie Smith review’s Circadia Indigena’s Greed/REsolve, a contemporary dance piece in two acts devised collaboratively by the inter-Nation collective: By the end of Circadia Indigena’s Greed/REsolve I felt as though I had been assaulted by… Read More

Issue 13.2: Back to School

What’s in this issue? Sherry Bie and Jill Carter draw on Indigenous practices in their musing on the act of “midwifing” stories through the re-worlding process of recover, mourning, dreaming, commitment, and action. Makram (Matt) Ayache and Franco Saccucci reflect on… Read More

Issue 11.3: (Dis)ability, Diversity and Performance

Volume 11, Issue 3: Spring 2014 Articles in this issue include: Kuicai Kong‘s examination of Li Ning’s theatrical work explores how violence, pain and pleasure are inscribed by modern China’s political and economic apparatus on the body, Ashley McAskill explores… Read More

Issue 9.3: The Bits That Don’t Quite Fit! 2012

Volume 9, Issue 3: March 2012 Articles in this issue include: Editorial of Editor-in-Chief Edward Little, The Bits that Don’t Quite Fit, Seth Soulstein on using the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots as a staring point to explore how both individuals… Read More

Issue 8.2: With a Vengeance 2010

Volume 8, Issue 2: December 2010 Articles in this issue include: Selena Couture muses on the power of framing, Isabelle Zufferey Boulton interviews Jean-Marc Dalpe about his French adaptation of Tomson Highway’s Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, Marcia… Read More

Issue 7.3: When Politics Gets Personal 2010

Volume 7, Issue 3: March 2010 Articles in this issue include: a Guest Editorial by Rahul Varma, Martin Faucher on the current Canadian government’s policies on the arts, Karis Shearer on Andre Brassard’s Montreal, French-language production of Tomson Highway’s… Read More

Issue 7.2: Political and Emotional Power of Theatre 2009

Volume 7, Issue 2: December 2009 Articles in this issue include: Samer Al-Saber explores the political and emotional power of theatre through Sahmatah – a play that faces head-on the 1948 catastrophe of Palestine on a very personal level,… Read More

Issue 7.1: Building A Theatre Without Walls 2009

Volume 7, Issue 1: September 2009 Articles in this issue include: Jerry Wasserman publishes letters from his Vancouverplays Website about the absence of non-white faces onstage, Naila Keleta Mae contemplates how black women in Canada manage their sexualized performances,… Read More

Issue 5.4: Contrary to Public Policy 2008

Volume 5, Issue 4: June 2008 Articles in this issue include: Stephanie Knight on Shanakht: The Search for a Lost Identity, Rosa Laborde grapples with the conflict between our political ideals and our human desire for pleasure, Savannah Walling… Read More

Issue 4.1: Ethics and Aesthetics 2006

Volume 4, Issue 1: January 2006 “A concern with the implications of aesthetic choices within both a revolutionary consciousness and a culture of creativity is echoed by all the writers in this issue of alt.theatre. Each describes artists… Read More

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